Frequently Asked Questions


You can schedule a consultation here with us to discuss your project and give you an estimate or call us: +1 404-946-0209

We offer Lead Generation from SEO, FB, Ads, Automated Assistants, Hyperlocal Ads, Google Ads, Website Development, Logo and Graphics.

No, we usually don’t unless a client asks or if it’s a big project. We do have a short agreement that has the scope of the project so that everyone is on the same page. We are looking for a long-term relationship so your best interest is our best interest. We do not look to reach out to any of your clients or harm your business in any way. We prefer to help you grow your business which will result in more business for us.


  • Write for readers first – then focus on keyword use. Remember that the best content is created for readers first. …
  • Use keyword stemming to add variations of the target keyword. …
  • Use semantic keywords to give context and support the target keyword. …
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Google my business posts are a great way to improve your overall SEO strategy. By posting to Google it can help you generate more organic clicks. Google posts come with CTA buttons which will encourage users to take action off the post. … Organic clicks on CTA buttons in return will build up your page rankings.

Off-page SEO refers to all the activities that happen away from your website to raise your site’s rankings. Off-SEO tips include links, social media strategy, influencer marketing, etc. One example is if you write a great blog post and someone with high influence in your niche retweets a link to it

Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines. While social shares may or may not affect a web page’s position in search listings, your social profiles definitely influence the content of your search results. In fact, social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names.

A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. High-quality backlinks can help to increase a site’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results (SEO).

Website Development

The first draft for a one page website will only take one week after the day you submit the form. For more than one page, the first draft of the website will be after 2-3 weeks (or depending on the agreement) the day you submit the form.

For standard websites, we do not provide copy unless a client allows us to paraphrase information from other places on the internet. We don’t generally write copy for the website for others unless they purchase a smart site then we will write the copy in-house.

Most of the websites we develop are on WordPress. Although, we can make websites across many platforms if you have something specific you would like to recommend.

Yes, you will be providing the hosting. Here are the details on WordPress hosting and what tools we use, please see below:

  • Cloudways – DigitalOcean Server at $10.10 per month.
  • With WordPress, we use WPForms for Forms. They have a table that contains all leads and you can export them to an excel sheet.
  • We use Elementor Page Builder.

We can make websites across many platforms like:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. ClickFunnels
  4. Go Highlevel
  5. Shopify
  6. WebFlow
  7. GoDaddy Website Builder
  8. Weebly
  9. Squarespace
  10. BigCommerce

If you have a specific platform you would like to recommend, please let us know.


Our free marketing strategy, and or audit will give you the clarity you need to confidently move forward towards achieving your goals in record time.

What Our Clients Say


“Thanks to the team for building my logo from scratch. I had no idea what I wanted but the team walked me through every step of the way and I am so grateful! A+++++”

Alicia Lyttle


“Great business, very professional with a wealth of knowledge.”

Terry Wiggins


“They have done an excellent job automating my onboarding process and simplifying and automating my social media and digital recognition programs.”

Marcy Rodriguez


“It’s not just the work they do with paid aids, but services like SEO and content really do add up. I had just a basic website, which has now evolved into an amazing resource for my customers”

Jane Smith


“They have done an excellent job automating my onboarding process and simplifying and automating my social media and digital recognition programs.”

Marcy Rodriguez


“We got great results after your
campaigns! I got the money pack across multiple locations and I got the time back so I can focus more as a CEO. I also received organic traffic from having high visibility in Google!”