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We are constantly looking for better ways to do SEO , we take your results seriously and our team is dedicated to send more leads to your business.

We are SEO nerds so let us do the technical stuff so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Our Ingredient to the Top

The Reason People don't buy from you

Market Research

We conduct an extensive market research to determine who your competitors are, how they are ranked, what they are doing and what keywords they are utilizing to rank their website.

Choosing The Right Keywords

It’s important to use the right keywords for your website, and this is obtained through market research. Once we established dominance with one keyword, we don’t stop there.

Leads Into Conversion

We make sure that your website design maximizes your chance to converting leads Once you have reached the top of the search results, just sit back and relax and the revenue will flow!

Don't Fall Behind!

Get ahead of your Competition with SEO!

It’s next to impossible to move your business forward if your website is the one thing holding you back.

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Of clicks in the first page are accounted for the first five organic results.

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Of marketing executives say on-page content development was the most effective SEO tactic.

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Words is the average content length of the top position in Google search results.

Facebook Ads

Begin generating leads and sales within days from super-effective Facebook campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram are the most used social media platforms with 2 billion users spending over 2 hours per day! Utilizing Facebook to advertise your products or services is ideal for reaching your target audience.

We will:

Our dedicated team of experts can help you with your advertising on Facebook. Whether you are launching a brand new Facebook Ads campaign or you want to improve one of your current campaigns, we can help.

Automated Assistants

Whether you want to admit it or not, automated assistants are the future of marketing and customer support. 

An automated or digital assistant is an advanced computer program that simulates a conversation with the people who use it, typically over the internet.

What are Automated Assistants?

Automated assistants use advanced artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, natural language understanding, and machine learning to learn as they go and provide a personalized, conversational experience. Combining historical information such as purchase preferences, homeownership, location, family size, and so on, algorithms can create data models that identify behavior patterns and then refine those patterns as data are added.

Automated assistants can answer complex questions, provide recommendations, make predictions, and even initiate conversations by learning a user’s history, preferences, and other information.

Though not always easy, it is essential to identify where your customers are in their journey and provide experiences at every touchpoint to help them move forward. Automated assistants can play a major role in identifying a customer’s current stage and providing them with information that is relevant to their needs.

Using automated assistants can increase conversions by up to

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and cut costs by up

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Hyperlocal Ads


Website Development

In web design, we strike a balance between function and form.

Our web designers employ a holistic design strategy that delivers a wonderful user experience. Your new website will feature a visually appealing color palette, clear CTAs, crisp images, and icons consistent with your brand image.

The uncluttered layout will pave the way for maximum conversions. The menus are intuitive, and the layout points the user toward the desired action.

A website must appeal to your visitors & should be unique to your business so it’s memorable. We achieve this by:

  • Designing to enhance your message to make it easy to consume with the right flow to entice your visitors to keep reading.

  • Designed to convert visitors into leads & sales by using psychological drivers to position you as the trusted authority in your niche.

When You Order a New Website Design

here’s what we deliver…

A site designed by our world-class- design team dedicated to you and trusted by many high profile influencers and brands.

A completely unique & custom professional website design with brand personality that’s aligned with your vision. We do not use templates.

A site designed to raise your profile and attract your ideal customers.

A site designed using psychological persuasive drivers to influence your visitors to take action.

A site designed with a layout & hierarchy that is clear & easy to understand.

After sending the first draft, our clients are entitled to 2 rounds of revisions.

A site designed to suit responsive coding for any platform, including WordPress, ClickFunnels, Wix, etc.

Once you approve the designs, we package the final design files with instructions for the developer of your choice (Yours or Ours), ready to start coding.

You also get the ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ on all the designs that we create for you.

Logo & Graphics

PrimeCaster Media offers a variety of creative services that will fit into your business goals. Having your graphics done by a creative and skilled graphic designer to visually tell your story and brand will help you stand out from your competitors.


Our free marketing strategy, and or audit will give you the clarity you need to confidently move forward towards achieving your goals in record time.

What Our Clients Say


“Thanks to the team for building my logo from scratch. I had no idea what I wanted but the team walked me through every step of the way and I am so grateful! A+++++”

Alicia Lyttle


“Great business, very professional with a wealth of knowledge.”

Terry Wiggins


“They have done an excellent job automating my onboarding process and simplifying and automating my social media and digital recognition programs.”

Marcy Rodriguez


“It’s not just the work they do with paid aids, but services like SEO and content really do add up. I had just a basic website, which has now evolved into an amazing resource for my customers”

Jane Smith


“They have done an excellent job automating my onboarding process and simplifying and automating my social media and digital recognition programs.”

Marcy Rodriguez


“We got great results after your
campaigns! I got the money pack across multiple locations and I got the time back so I can focus more as a CEO. I also received organic traffic from having high visibility in Google!”