Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Local Search Rankings with SEO

Being a small business, it is evident that most of your customers would be from local communities. Ranking higher in local SEO can earn you better visibility and more customers. However, ranking on local SEO requires different tactics than standard SEO. Using the right SEO tactics can improve your visibility on local searches on search engines and increase conversions. 
Here are some methods you can use to improve your local search rankings.

Respond to Google Reviews

Though many businesses read the Google reviews and implement the feedback for a better customer experience, they don’t actually respond to the review. Responding to the reviews gives you a chance to interact with your customers and show them you value their views, boosting their trust in your business. It also leads the search engines to trust your site.

Relevancy matters

When ranking your website for local searches, Google considers several factors like distance, prominence, and relevancy. To become more relevant to local searches, you should add complete and accurate business details on your Google My Business profile.

Create city pages

Another way to improve your local SEO ranking is to add GEO or city pages to your website. These pages have city names where your business is located. Additionally, you can provide services as keywords and quickly appear in local search results.

Hyper-localized content

One of the solid ways of giving a significant boost to your local SEO rankings is by posting hyper-localized content on your website. Create specialized keyword strategies that focus on capturing local search keywords and have a realistic approach to rankings—target keywords with monthly search volumes of up to 1000 with about 1000 to 800-word blog posts.

Understand local customer intent

Knowing what your local customers want from your business and what they would look for when searching online for your business plays a vital role in improving your local SEO ranking. Incorporate those search terms in your content to achieve better results.

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